Private yoga instruction is available by appointment
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"Tera has a wonderful energy as a teacher and transmits body awareness. Taking a class with her feels safe." ~K.R. Sedona, AZ

"Tera, Thanks for being such a bright, powerful, yet unpretentious and inviting teacher for the discovery of the gifts of yoga!" ~D.G. Sedona, AZ

"Still feeling the high from yoga with Tera earlier today! It's like going to church - only with compassion, contentment, and peacefulness and without the judgement, self-righteousness, and guilt mongering. Just sayin'" ~J.R. Sedona, AZ

"Tera, it is difficult to put into words how grateful I am. When I first started practicing yoga with you I had been told by my doctors that the pain I had was probably never going to heal, that I would have to give up so much of my hobbies and lifestyle because of two ruptured discs. With your gentle guidance and amazing healing energy I have found peace again and an ability to enjoy life." ~K.P Sedona, AZ

"Tera, I want to thank you for the rich contribution you have made to my life. I wish you the best and hope that we can stay in touch. You are an amazing person, gifted in so many ways. Your future is so exciting! (Although I am sad not to be able to continue enjoying your profound guidance)." J.N. ~Sedona, AZ - I miss you too, babe :)

"Tera's yoga classes are truly a transcendant experience that I look forward to in my active and demanding job as an elementary Art teacher. She models different variations on the poses so that anyone, regardless of level and experience, can benefit from yoga. Her guided meditation commentaries further enhance the relaxing affect of the yoga. I always feel so calm mentally and my body feels liberated from stress after class." ~J.N. Sedona, AZ

"Tera always makes me feel so welcome even though I haven't been to one of her classes since last summer. Her classes are very forgiving, compassionate, and encouraging. Absolutely noncompetitive and you can just feel the love bouncing around the room! Tera's message is clear: do what you can, be nice to your body, don't do something that is uncomfortable, love and respect yourself and your fellow yogis. Oh, and it's ok to have fun and laugh during yoga. Well, at least that's the message I received. If you're looking for a little compassion and something healthy for your body and spirit, come to class!" ~J.R. Sedona, AZ

"I am so grateful to you, Tera. The gentleness and joy you teach with is inspired! You always know what I need and help me put that into practice!" ~J.M. Sedona, AZ

"Some of the most magical yoga I've done." ~K.I. Sedona, AZ

"Tera of Yoga Love Now is an amazing Yoga instructor! If you live in Sedona or are visiting book a session with her!" ~E.E. Sedona, AZ

"Truly Amazing! One great session after another. Thank you!" ~J.F. Sedona, AZ

"Tera is among the most sensitive and inspiring yoga teachers I have encountered." ~C.O. Sedona, AZ

"Tera is the most present yoga instructor I have come across in my journey. She meets people where they are at and with love and compassion facilitates growth. Thank you!" ~K.W. Springfield, Massachusetts

"Tera's classes are joyful and magical. She has truly found her calling. Her meditations create a sacred space conducive to relaxation and deeper emotional and physical exploration. Her classes are varied enough to provide an exciting experience, yet have enough repetition so that one can improve certain postures. Her classes are appropriate for all age and experience levels." ~L.D Sedona, AZ

"I always love going to Tera's yoga classes. I know that I will be going into a relaxing space feeling stretched, refreshed and alive by the time class is finished." ~ K.K. Clarkdale, AZ

"I so love your gentle, easy-going yoga classes that you specifically cater to those of us with physical issues; they are truly nurturing!" ~A.M.D. Sedona, AZ

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